Innovation Trial

Suitability                               Y5-13 students

Duration                                  Approximately 1 hour

Venue                                       Whole complex

Cost                                            $3 per student

2015 sessions                       Terms 1-4 (Monday to Friday)

At the heart of New Zealand’s primary industry success is our ‘number 8 wire’ approach to solving problems. In this mobile learning programme, students learn stories of Waikato Agricultural innovation – the introduction of kumara, early flour milling, the development of the electric fence, the herringbone shed, the development of peat soil, DC3 top dressing, and more.

This programme is a teacher-supervised, student-lead, iPad-based programme. An introduction to the activity will be given by the educator. IPads will be supplied on an approximate 1:4 ratio. Each group stays together with their iPad for the duration of the activity. Teachers may wish to assign an adult to each group. As they complete the activity, students collect information which they can use to enter an online prize draw. At the conclusion of the activity teachers collect the iPads and return these to the educator.

Booking information

This programme takes place around entire museum complex and has a maximum number of 100 students. There is a minimum requirement of 20 students per session, at $3 per school student.

For more information, or to book your session contact Alan Reilly on

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This programme can be combined with other museum education programmes to cater for larger groups or to provide an extended experience.

Classroom resources

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